Yıldırım Kimya
While we have a sensitivity that aims to respond to the needs of our customers immediately, our most important duty is to meet their changing needs instantly and reliably by establishing a long-term partnership relationship with them.
Solution Oriented
We accelerate our partners by supplying products on time with our experienced and dynamic delivery team.
On Time Delivery
We make a difference with continuous and innovative solutions with our expert teams and quality products.
Experience and Quality
Our aim is to always support our customers and develop permanent solutions for the problems our customers experience.

Yildirim Kimya, which started its activities in the salt industry in Bursa in the 1930s, today offers various production and supply services to our country's industry in the field of chemistry. Yildirim Kimya, which incorporates the structural features of institutions that produce quality products at world standards, makes significant contributions to our country's economy, thanks to its efforts to reduce imports. Yildirim Kimya, which meets the needs of our country's chemical and agricultural industries with its R&D studies, continues its innovative approaches rapidly.


To increase the business volume of our country and our company abroad and to produce value-added products by developing environmentally friendly and human-oriented products with innovative technologies. To maintain high level of customer satisfaction with our high quality products and after-sales services. To maintain our cooperation in the long term by providing highly efficient solutions in the production and development processes of our customers. To adopt the concept of "Continuous Development and Improvement" with all our employees, to create a Quality Management System based entirely on system, inspection and improvement and to ensure the sustainability of this system. To improve the qualifications of our employees by providing them with professional development and training opportunities.